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Are we the chicken or the egg?

September 28, 2011

Being pioneers in an industry can sometimes be confusing and challenging.  Uncharted territory is always difficult to navigate.  When you are part of an emerging industry that can reduce dependence on foreign and fossil fuels there are always surprises.   Sometimes they are good and sometimes bad.

Alternative energy for the last decade has been speculative at best and seen as something for the future.  Some of us disagree with that assessment and ventured into an unknown realm with a simple idea of finding a better way.  For GOS we settled on two distinct and different fronts.  On the one hand we have aspirations of being the leading recycler of Used Vegetable Oil for the Southeast within the next five years.  On the other we have committed substantial resources to finding viable energy crops.  We are exploring the potential of four different crops and ramping up production for the current crop of choice, Camelina.

Rarely, in and emerging market do you have the opportunity for the validation the following clip offers.
Green Oil Solutions is currently speaking with a variety of organizations that are interested in our recycling and energy crop programs.  We still do not know if we are the chicken or the egg, but we look forward to being a part of the Solution!  We invite you to contact us and be part of the Solution too.


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