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May 31, 2011

Green Oil Solutions, Inc.  is dedicated to finding viable opportunities to stock the emerging bio diesel industry.  The bio diesel industry, especially in Florida, will not be a viable economic component until initial stock oil is secured in long term positions.  Stock can be supplied from a number of sources that include imported virgin oil, domestic feed stock oil, used vegetable oil, tallow, and other base products.  Green Oil Solutions is concentrating on what will work best for Florida.

Used Vegetable Oil will always be a portion of what is utilized to make bio fuels and there are a number of companies in Florida that are currently or refining or will be shortly.  Unfortunately, much of this recycled material does not make it to the bio diesel producers.  Much of it sold to foreign markets.  Some goes to crop protection as a natural pesticide.  A portion is sold outside of Florida and a small amount makes into the hands of the few producers located in the state.  As a result most if not all “producers” have had oil collection programs in place for some time.  UVO is an important component and one that will be discussed from time to time on this site.

Imports are something that Green Oil Solutions reserves for the last resort for a number of reasons, not the least of which is our commitment to grow local economies.  There are, however, occasions that provide positive opportunities for working with importers.

The long term vision for Green Oil Solutions is to find viable crop opportunities.  We will concentrate on crops that are non-human food crops and produce high amounts of oil.  One of the goals of this site will be explore different opportunities and sources for oils that can be converted into bio-diesel.  There are a handful of crops that are being experimented with currently in the State of Florida.  We hope to discover more crops and other natural oil possibilities.  By doing so we will revitalize the agricultural industry while building new industries.

Green Oil Solutions would like to invite you to join the discussion and be a part of the solution to finding viable alternatives to foreign and fossil fuels.  Subscribe to our feeds, submit articles for inclusion, comment on articles, or just visit us once and while for the latest on what is available in the State of Florida to help grow the bio fuels industry.

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